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"Throughout his lengthy career, Adamson has observed, studied and painted waterfowl migrations and is best known for his flocks of mallards and pintails although occasionally he paints bighorn sheep, condors, falcons, and tropical birds. Although not a hunter himself, the viewpoint of many of his paintings is from the position of a duck blind, and he is an arch conservationist having donated more than three million dollars to conservation causes. Viewed by critics in the early part of the century as ‘mere illustration,’ wildlife art has since gained status through its evocative realism and the current concern about vanishing habitats and species.”

"Adamson is described by internationally famous wildlife artist David Maass as “unsurpassed when it comes to portrayals of wildfowl on the wing in their natural surroundings.”

"Wildlife artist Owen Gromme says Adamson is simply “one of the finest waterfowl artists in the world.”

Adamson's work has frequently been displayed nationally and internationally in the prestigious “Birds in Art” and “Animals in Art” exhibitions, and has been shown at the Smithsonian Art Museum, the British Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, among others. He was named the first California Waterfowl Association Artist of the Year and 1979 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year.

 "Still painting at age 93, Adamson is perhaps the oldest living wildlife artist today. Throughout his lengthy career, Adamson has observed, studied and painted the colorful participants in the massive annual waterfowl migration. Although best known for his landscapes awash with flocks of mallards and pintails, on occasion Adamson has painted bighorn sheep, condors and falcons, and the unusual and colorful tropical birds encountered during his many trips abroad.

"Part of the appeal of Adamson's paintings, says exhibition curator Tom Steller, is that, "He paints to the hunter's dream." Although Adamson has never been a hunter himself, many of his paintings, done from the position of a duck blind, evoke memories in the outdoors enthusiast, whether they be of an early-morning close-up view of a flock of mallards or of a stunning landscape experienced

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